Hall Info

The Bayfield Community Centre is located in the upper level of the Bayfield Complex and is fully accessible with a hall capacity of 199.  The hall can be rented with or without use of the kitchen facilities. Call arena or contact Municipality of Bluewater.

Rental Rates:  (See Municipality of Bluewater Rental Rates)

  • Main Hall                                                                                                    250.00
  • Family-related functions/company meetings (no alcohol)             145.00
  • Kitchen rental main halls (cold meals)                                                 45.00
    Kitchen rental main halls (hot meals)                                                   75.00
  • Buck & Doe surcharge                                                                              100.00
    Prior day to decorate or day after to clean up                                     100.00
    Bar Rental                                                                                                    50.00
    Bar Supplies (per 2L bottle of pop) includes ice and 7 oz cups          4.00
    Beer Cups (sleeve of 50)                                                                              3.50