Bayfield Arena Community Partner Association (BACPA)


On January 15, 2014 a temporary board was elected until representation can be sought from other community groups to become part of the formalized board.

  • Chair – Ron Keys
  • Vice Chair – Bill Whetstone
  • Secretary – Stephanie Allen
  • Treasurer – Kim Loebach

History of the Arena

In the beginning

  • Land was originally purchased in 1886 by the Bayfield Agricultural Society.
  • An agreement between the Bayfield Lions and the Bayfield Agricultural Society in 1947 began the process leading to the construction of the first Bayfield Arena.
  • In 1953 the arena was built by the members of the Bayfield Community
  • In January 1954 land was given to the township of Stanley for $1(as Bayfield had not yet re-incorporated)
  • In 1967, with benefit of a centennial funding, the Bayfield Community came together to incorporate a community centre and ice making equipment to extend the ice season.
  • In 1977, structural issues forced the closure of the arena.
  • In May of 1977, a meeting was held to discuss the status of the arena and the $56,000 repair cost associated.
  • The decision was made to rebuild the arena rather than repair it.
  • The Bayfield Community was again called upon to put their efforts into the improvement of the Bayfield Arena.
  • In  1978 a committee of 3 Village of Bayfield Councillors, a member of the Lions Club and a member of the Ag Society were brought together to administer the Community Recreation Centre.
  • The over $420,000 cost was assisted by approximately 50% funding from a Wintario Grant, including over $20,000 toward the elevation device for accessibility.  Additionally, approximately 25% funding was received through the Community Recreation Centres Act.   The Bayfield Community successfully raised the remaining amount of approximately $115,000.
  • The grand opening was held July 7th, 1979 with a grand ceremony.
  • Additional land was provided to the Village of Bayfield in October 1981 -“in order that planned improvements to the property would be eligible for provincial assistance.”
  •  Superbuild funding in 2002 allowed replacement of many of the major components of the ice plant.  The electrical system and motors for compressors, the chiller, and the dehumidifier.
  • In 2009 the ice resurfacer was replaced.
  • A facility report was presented in 2009 indicating that the Bayfield Arena be considered for reconditioning for alternate purposes.

Once again the call goes out

  • The Municipality of Bluewater held a Facility Review meeting on July 30, 2013 to discuss the fate of the ice surface in the Bayfield Arena and other Bluewater facilities.
  • On October 7, 2013 Bluewater Council approved recommendations of the Bayfield Arena Working Committee to not put ice in the Bayfield Arena after the 2013/14 ice season.
  • The Bayfield Arena Working Committee held 3 meetings in Dec 2013 and heard presentations from the Bayfield Community Organizations, the Ice User groups, and Community Centre users.
  • January 5, 2014 the Bayfield Arena Community Partners organized a public meeting to bring the various groups together for a discussion about the future of the Bayfield Arena.
  • June 2, 2014 the Bluewater Council approved reinstating the ice for three additional years and Bayfield Arena Community Partners were given the opportunity to assist in marketing and promoting the use of the facility.
  • 2014 will again see changes coming for the Bayfield Arena.  Take time to be part of the future.

Today, 2017

  • Meeting review this fall was conducted to discuss the fate of the ice surface and recommended its removal.
  • Bayfield Facility Initiative Team (BFIT) is planning a new facility and teams up with BACPA to create a unified voice, “One Voice, One Vision”.
  • Optimist Club puts their full support behind “One Voice, One Vision”.
  • Keep ice for three more years while BFIT starts planning the new facility.
  • The new facility would relieve taxpayers of any financial responsibility for recreation in the community.
  • Keeping the ice would relieve taxpayer for the estimated cost to repurpose the ice surface, over a million a dollars.  That is taxpayer dollars.